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Join 680,000+ BOATsmart! Boaters


As of March 2020, over 680,000 Canadians have earned their BOATsmart! certifications. The BOATsmart! Pleasure Craft Operator Card is valid in every Canadian province and territory across the country. There is a reason why so many Canadians have chosen BOATsmart! as their go-to boating education course.


We at Walker Marine Sales are big supporters of the BOATsmart! program and have broken down 5 simple reasons why taking the course before summer 2020 arrives in Canada is smart. 


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1. Water Safety of Yourself and Others

First and foremost, before any individual should operate a watercraft (or any large mechanical vehicle) it is important to know what you are doing and how to handle any situation that arises. The BOATsmart! experts have put together all the safety materials needed to ensure the safety of yourself and others while out on the lake. A boat has the potential to become very dangerous when mixed with a lack of experience. Every Canadian should be boating – smart.

2. Designed for All Skills and Ages

Did you know that Canadians of any age can obtain a Pleasure Craft Operator Card through the BOATsmart! course? How about every Canadian of any age is required to have their Pleasure Craft Operator Card on them at all times? The only age requirement is: if the operator is under the age of 16, they may not operate personal water crafts and they must be operating a pleasure water craft under supervision. This is why the BOATsmart! course has been design to be easy and 100% intuitive! Participants can expect to find interactive designs, video lessons and multiple choice questionnaires are found throughout the BOATsmart! course.

3. A Top Rated Course in the Boating Community

According to the site, BOATsmart! has received over 6,000 reviews from verified users with an average rating of 4.43 stars out of 5 stars. Furthermore, 89% of certification earners would recommend the course to people they know. BOATsmart! is a tried and tested Transport Canada Boating Course and it shows! The vast majority of graduates have nothing but positive comments about the program. 

4. Never Miss a Boating Experience

“If I don’t own a boat, why would I ever need to complete the BOATsmart! course! Right?” Wrong. Why? What happens if you are out on the water and offered to give the boat a spin around the lake? It is against the law to operate any watercraft without having proof of competency (Pleasure Craft Operator Card). If you obtain your boating license, it is good for life. So, next time you are out on the water with your friends or if you ever want to become a boater yourself you will be qualified and ready. Enroll in the course with a group of 4 (or more) and earn a 40% discount.

5. Enjoy the Beautiful Waters of Ontario

We saved the best for last! How could you not want to experience the beautiful fresh water that Ontario has to offer from the best possible view? There are so many adventures to be had right in our own backyard that getting your BOATsmart! license really is the start of a new life journey. It is time to stop ignoring the Great Lakes of Ontario and their natural beauty.

So there we have it! We have outlined 5 simple reasons why you should take the BOATsmart! course as well as 3 awesome incentives to do it. Follow the link below and start your journey from the comfort of your own home.