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What Is BOATsmart!?

BOATsmart! is Canada’s boating educator and a Transport Canada Accredited Course Provider in the area of marine vessel operation. BOATsmart! has been around since 2003 and in that time they have educated 650,000+ Canadian boat operators.

BOATsmart! educates individuals who wish to learn how to operate a boat across North America.


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Why Take The BOATsmart! Course?

The Pleasure Craft Operator Card (Canadian boating license) can be hard to obtain if you are a novice.

The BOATsmart! course includes education material on the basics of boating and terminology, rules & regulations of operation, equipment and operation safety, navigation and preparedness for emergency situations.


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What Are The BOATsmart! Benefits?

Completing the BOATsmart! education course has benefits for those interested in boating at any level of experience. These benefits include:

By obtaining your Pleasure Craft Operator Card from BOATsmart! you become eligible for a 25% discount off your annual boat insurance premium.

Have the confidence and ability to handle your watercraft no matter the situation you are faced with.

What Are The BOATsmart! Requirements?

There is no minimum age to take your online boating course for the Pleasure Craft Operator Card. No matter the age or experience, everyone who gets behind the helm of a vessel is required to have their Pleasure Craft Operator Card on them.

Operating a boat without your license results in a minimum fine of $250.




Follow the link below to sign up for the BOATsmart! boating education course specifically created to help you get your license.